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 Pasza Paszowski  5

I recommend it with all my heart! My fears that I would not find anything with a plus size size were dispelled when trying on the first dress, which turned out to be the only one! :) Thank you very much! Nice and professional service, beautiful dresses! :) Best wishes, Zuzia K.

 Żaneta S  5

I recommend it 100% !! Full professionalism, a nice atmosphere and a huge selection of dresses, everyone will find something for themselves 😊 Definitely a big plus for a gentleman who can advise you well, he does not 'force him' but hears your opinion and suggests dresses that you might like 😊 I personally rented a dress and I don't regret it (especially since I changed my choice in the last month 😀).

 Ewelina Pykosz  5

Great service. Both Mr. and Mrs. seamstress did a great job. They made my dress "saved" and underwent an amazing metamorphosis in a very short time. In addition, you showed a lot of patience and full professionalism in approaching the client. I recommend it with a clear conscience to every bride

 Matiqqq94  5

Fantastic approach to the client, full professionalism, I would recommend to everyone.



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